Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Delman Sample Sale, Nov. 7 - 9

Today, tomorrow and the next day is the Delman (shoes) sample sale at 730 Fifth Avenue @57th St. (8th Floor). They take cash and credit cards.

It is insane in there.

For the uninitiated, Delman shoes have mostly classic designs, are decent quality and VERY expensive. So while they are cheaper than usual, I still couldn't get excited about spending $99 - $150 for one pair of flats, especially since there are hundreds of women knocking each other over all over the floor, lunging for shoes in stacks of boxes. They also make you check your bag and coat at the door, grrrr....

HOWEVER! If you are feeling like an ultimate guerilla (especially if you are a size 6.5 or 9 - there is a special section of $60 samples), my suggestion is to go there without a bag or a coat (it's warm today!) - not during lunchtime - put your head down, and dive in. And make sure you are in a really good mood too.

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