Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Camp on Perry - Dual-Purpose storefronts

Are you aware of the phenomenon of two completely unrelated kinds of businesses sharing a storefront? You may have come across a hair salon/jewelry counter or a cell phone/mini mart now and again, but how about a women's clothing boutique/real estate agency? Well, it exists at 177 Perry Street in the West Village where Holly Waterfield holds court at Camp on Perry.

For the sake of sensationalism, I will call this sharing of space a new phenomenon overtaking New York, but truth be told I'm not sure when it started. However, with skyrocketing rents overtaking every inch of this little island, it only makes sense that small business owners join forces and lower their overhead, whether or not they are in similar industries.

At Camp on Perry, Ms. Waterfield, pictured above in her own maternity creation, sells refurbished vintage wear, designs from new up-and-coming local designers, as well as her own creations, which she works on at her sewing machine right before your very eyes. The eye-catching green sequined dress in the photo comes from a Brooklyn designer and is something to be seen - and tried on - in person. The filing cabinet and chair off to the right is the real estate business run by her friend and "location associate" to coin a new term.

So as we all know, the three most important things in succeeding in retail is "location, location, location" and if you have two-businesses-in-one, that's practically six locations! Here's to creative solutions amidst financial obstacles. Go check it out!

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