Friday, November 17, 2006

Versani - HFM Jewelry

I am not the world's biggest jewelry fan, but I am learning. For a few years I have been visiting Versani downtown on Mercer St. I love the pictured ring that I bought for myself for around $75, because the red raised stones set in solid metal remind me of Darth Maul, which proves that I really am a dorky 12-year old boy. I also have a pair of blue some-kind-of-stone stud earrings that I love.

Darth Maul? Yes, he's a fabulous villian from Star Wars and there's no doubt that if he were to get married, this would have been his wedding ring.

But I digress. Well not really. Anyway, check this place out because they have all kinds of jewelry and what strikes me the most is the boldness of the metal and the stones. It's very clean, and yet fairly individualistic and in-your-face. They have almost as much for men as for women. Then men's selection is pretty rock and roll, but in a relatively defined and refined manner. Chains, rings...the kinds of things that every aspiring rocker needs to complete his (or her) look.

If you asked "what does 'HFM' mean?," you will have to write to me personally to get an answer for this is a family blog and most of my readers hail from the great state of Michigan for goodness sake!

p.s. Go Blue!

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Michelle said...

Personally, it reminds me of a slee-stack. Remember them from Land of the Lost?? Carry on.....