Sunday, November 26, 2006

REPORT: First Day of Xmas Shopping

Today the Guerilla Shopper ventured out into the overpopulated island on which she dwells in search of good gifts at reasonable prices. This is tough to do since many of the people I buy for also read my blog, but I will do my best not to give anything away, or at least keep everyone guessin'.

First, I couldn't help but buy myself a present - this pretty purple sweater. I know I told you not to buy anything for yourself this close to Christmas because you never know what someone else might be giving you, but I am the Guerilla Shopper and this is all in the name of research for you. YES I HAVE TO BUY MYSELF THINGS TO HELP OTHERS! I've really come up with a grand idea here, 'aven't I?

So anyway, I bought the sweater at the downtown location of a store I recently blogged about called pa or personal affairs. I am happy to report that the downtown location is as welcoming and the saleswoman as friendly and helpful as the uptown store. You really need to visit and check out the clothes and other fun things that have been imported from Germany. I learned that the owner's sister designs the clothes in Germany and he brings them into the U.S. They really have a good thing going here and I support their efforts!

Moving on:
  • If you are interested in buying top-notch skin care, body, and makeup products, you need to go to Origins. The one in the Flatiron Building is nice -- if you go here, you will be visiting a landmark building, thus killing two birds with one stone. Shopping and architectural culture all mixed together! How intellectual!
  • The Gap has decent men's and baby clothes (I've decided not to make a joke here). Decent quality, "current" design, good return policy for the holidays (merchandise can be returned with an original and/or gift receipt up until 180 days after the purchase date), and acceptable prices further supported by constant sales. I also think their women's underwear/sleepwear is cute. I am less a fan of their women's clothing except for the occasional "staple." Call me a snob. You won't be the first.
  • Union Square's outdoor Christmas market - full of tents featuring all kinds of unique gifts for the holidays. This is a great place for out-of-towners to pick up fun, cute and cool stuff for the family back in Ohio or Newcastle (England). If you are seeking really interesting jewelry, go find the reBel Designs booth. I bought my mother a necklace from "them" at an outdoor summer street fair this past spring. It's nice. She liked it.

Something of a bummer:

  • My favorite discount shoe warehouse a.k.a. DSW does not have a return policy for the holidays (it remains 30 days from the date of purchase), so I didn't buy anything from there today, although I was going to! Perhaps I shall return the week before Christmas if I am still in need. Not wise DSW, you just lost a decent-sized sale!

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