Wednesday, November 15, 2006

H&M...Maybe I'm too Old?

H&Mmmmm...Would I like H&M more if I were 20 years old? Possibly. No doubt that their marketing strategy is spot-on, whereby they commission the likes of Stella McCartney and Viktor & Rolf (a wedding dress for $349!?) to provide cutting-edge fashions that are pretty much affordable to the masses. And they're wisely opening a new store on 5th Avenue in the 20s where the sucky Daffy's used to be. But am I going to wait on line for hours to fight over clothes and spend my dosh among scores of tourists? Apparently not, since I have never done so.

I have certainly perused a few H&M stores and bought some items here and there -- but not to any great degree. It's never my true destination, but usually a "why not?" kind of visit. I guess I feel that the stores are great big giant messes and the apparel is not top-notch. In fact, the two pair of pants that I own are cast-offs acquired at a clothing swap and some other tops I bought have since worn out. I guess the best-looking piece I have is the red tuxedo-like shirt pictured here, but it's not long for this world I can assure you. I had to sew up a seam about 10 minutes after I bought it. If I'm going to buy disposable clothing, they need to cost a dollar.

Changing topics, I just heard about a new site called, where you can go green with a free daily ecomail that provides you with one eco tip or organic product. Find out how you can charge your phone or iPod with a solar backpack and where to find soap with a package that turns into a basil plant. Or what about getting paid to recycle? Or how about organic CLOTHES (roll 'em up and smoke 'em)?

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