Monday, November 20, 2006

Pearl River - an explosion of Chinese goodnesses

Isaac Mizrahi's guilty pleasure, or so I've read, is the store called Pearl River on Broadway in Soho. It's a bazaar of imported Chinese/Asian goods - from clothes to bags to food to dishes to incense to fancy pens to pretty much whatever you want. I was so enamored with the selection that I bought a full related yet unrelated stash of goods for my friend for Christmas. I would show you what I got, but then I would wreck the miracle of surprise gifts, so instead I provide you with a photo of the bag, which is pretty cool too. Look, there's like fish and stuff.

This large two-story facility makes it seem like the Chinese New Year is every day. By shopping here, you will surely be able to outfit your family, furnish your living room, decorate for a party and then cook a meal -- all for a reasonable price! Who ever said the Chinese wouldn't make good capitalists? They are kung-fu-ing asses and taking names in this joint!

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